Marketing Automation/ Lead Generation Small Businesses: 1 – 25 Employees

There are 3 easy "Keep it Simple" Modules available to choose from to suit your business needs - at fixed prices - No surprises and and No disappointments. 

Module 1

Lead Gen & Marketing Automation OR

CRM Implementation

  • Kick-off Discovery Session

½ Day Face to Face

(Online or Onsite, depending on location)

  • Follow up discovery documentation

  • Recommendations:

    • Objectives

    • Strategy

    • Go-to-Market Approach

    • Messaging

    • Tools

    • Managing expectations

  • Resources required

  • Budgets

  • Suggested next steps and future plans

Price: £ 1095.-

Module 2

Tools & Data Analysis

  • Existing data analysis

  • Data cleaning tool recommendations

  • Future data strategy

  • Migration and possible integration approach

  • Market research based on requirements for data management suppliers. (Update of existing data, Additional data purchases)

Price: £ 1695.-

Module 3

Implementation Management

  • Complete project management

  • Management of tool implementation and point of contact for supplier(s)

  • Integration with existing systems such as CRM management.

  • Data migration strategy

  • End User adoption support

  • Marketing Automation tool selection recommendation

Price: Contact for Quote

To enter the world of Marketing Automation and Lead Generation, can be a really daunting for small businesses that might not have the resources in-house to dedicate to such a project.  So I have developed 3 simple Modules all designed to get you off to a good start and each at a fixed price except for Module 3 which depends on the size and required support on a longer term scale. Module 1 & 2 will enable small businesses to making solid and well founded decisions about their future strategy and develop an ongoing successful Lead Generating go-to-market approach that will suit their business, product and marketplace.

Quoted prices are ex. VAT and expenses incurred during travel and visits on site. 

Discount on Module 1 & 2 combined purchase (Purchase Order required)


Module 3 will be invoiced at a fixed project rate plus a day rate and negotiated as a separate agreement.  Module 3 will of course include module 1 & 2 as part of the complete project management service.

Payment terms:  

Module 1 = 100% Payment at receipt of invoice

Module 2 = 50% at kick off and 50% by completion

Module 3 = individual agreement

Keep it Simple..... Get it Right!

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