Marketing Automation/ Lead Generation Smaller Businesses: 1 – 25 Employees

There are 3 easy "Keep it Simple" Modules available.  Chose from the modules below which one or more that will suit your business needs best.  The prices are fixed so no surprises and and no disappointments. 

Module 1

Lead Gen & Marketing Automation OR

CRM Implementation

  • Kick-off Discovery Session

½ Day Face to Face

(Online or Onsite, depending on location)

  • Follow up discovery documentation

  • Recommendations:

    • Objectives

    • Strategy

    • Go-to-Market Approach

    • Messaging

    • Tools

    • Managing expectations

  • Resources required

  • Budgets

  • Suggested next steps and future plans

Price: Euro 1500.-

Module 2

Tools & Data Analysis

  • Existing data analysis

  • Data cleaning tool recommendations

  • Future data strategy

  • Migration and possible integration approach

  • Market research based on requirements for data management suppliers. (Update of existing data, Additional data purchases)


Euro 1995.-

Module 3

Implementation Management

  • Complete project management

  • Management of tool implementation and point of contact for supplier(s)

  • Integration with existing systems such as CRM management.

  • Data migration strategy

  • End User adoption support

  • Marketing Automation tool selection recommendation


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Entering the world of Marketing Automation and Lead Generation, can be a really daunting for smaller businesses, that might not have the resources in-house to dedicate to such a project.  So, I have developed 3 simple Modules all designed to get you off to a good start and each at a fixed price except for Module 3 which depends on the size and required support on a longer term scale. Module 1 & 2 will enable smaller businesses to making solid and well founded decisions about their future strategy and develop an ongoing successful Lead Generating go-to-market approach that will suit their business, product and marketplace.

Quoted prices are ex. VAT and expenses incurred during travel and visits on site. 

Discount on Module 1 & 2 combined purchase (Purchase Order required)


Module 3 will be invoiced at a fixed project rate plus a day rate and negotiated as a separate agreement.  Module 3 will of course include module 1 & 2 as part of the complete project management service.

Payment terms:  

Module 1 = 100% Payment at receipt of invoice

Module 2 = 50% at kick off and 50% by completion

Module 3 = individual agreement