Who am I....

 My name is Anne Dorte Rosenstand and Annie for my English speaking colleagues and friends as Anne Dorte is near impossible for non-Danish speaking people to pronounce.  I have been working with CRM and Demand Generation through Digital Marketing implementation on a Global level for over 12 years.  


I have, with great success, implemented and managed development of Business automation both as a consultant and as a permanent member of management teams. I have spent about 50% of my professional life abroad which has given me excessive insight into the global approach and  international business behaviour, etiquette and processes.


My business approach is "Keep it Simple... Get it Right".  In other words, get it right the first time. Sophistication comes with maturity and knowledge.


I can help your business build a solid, "back to basics" CRM and/or Digital Marketing implementation, without all the buzz words and the technical and often confusing jargon. 


If you are looking for someone to build your change management strategy and assist your end user adoption, and teach with School Bench as well as Web based training approach, this is the solution for you.


Let me help you to be successful.

Who are My Customers and what do they say......


Customers says:

  • "Extremely efficient and a straight forward approach"

  • "Superb Project Management"

  • "Understanding our business and our needs"

  • "Technically very sharp with excellent insight into CRM  functionalities"

  • "Digital Marketing was a mystery before we got introduced to ADRMC"

  • "Very high morale and work ethics all round"

Businesses that needs an extra pair of hands renovating their internal business processes where an external resource makes sense.  It helps to get a different perspective. Local businesses with translation projects English/Danish such as websites, tech papers and marketing collateral.

My customers are typically small to medium sized national and international organizations who require support in implementing or updating an existing CRM system.  I help businesses to initiate Digital Marketing and Demand Generation solutions and integrate with their existing CRM system.

Keep it Simple..... Get it Right!

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